About the Site Operator

Welcome to MoeLab! On this page, we'll provide a brief introduction to the operator, Sohshun.

Site Operator: Sohshun Abe

My name is Sohshun Abe and originally from Toyota City, Japan. I pursued studies on Swedish society at Osaka University Graduate School. Additionally, I received instruction in Japanese language education.

During my time studying abroad in Sweden, I sensed a discrepancy in the recognition of moe culture content outside Japan. While Japanese anime and manga culture receives global acclaim, the focus tends to be on popular titles like One Piece from the Shonen Jump genre. In contrast, I felt that moe culture content, especially visual novel games, had lower visibility. Information on these topics was also comparatively scarce, often limited to the Japanese language. To promote the excellence of moe culture content, particularly in music, and contribute to Japanese language education, I established MoeLab!

Career Highlights

Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka University, focusing on Swedish language, Swedish society, and economic history.
Operates the web media "Kiriekirei."

Past Achievements

Operated the web media "Kiriekirei."
Published the e-book "How to Enjoy Learning Report Writing" on Amazon.

Contact Information

Email: ppllkkoo098@yahoo.co.jp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/moe_laboratory
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