Cultural Corners: Exploring Japan's Anime and Manga Haven


Japan is the hub of subculture, boasting numerous bookstores and anime shops that sell a plethora of manga. This time, let's introduce shops in Japan related to anime and manga.

Shops related to Anime and Manga in Japan

In Japan, you can find shops related to anime and manga almost anywhere. Whether you visit a general bookstore or a specialty store, you'll always find manga, and there are specialty stores that handle anime, light novels, and various goods. Here are some examples:


Animate is likely the most famous specialty store for anime goods in Japan. It covers a wide range of items related to anime and manga, including light novels and CDs. The items sold are generally new and can be found in many locations, from urban areas to suburban towns.


Book-Off is not an anime specialty store but rather a shop that sells used books and manga. As a second-hand bookstore, it offers a broad selection of manga, magazines, novels, and business books. The manga section, in particular, is extensive, and you can find wanted titles at affordable prices.


Mandarake specializes in used manga and goods. Compared to Animate and Book-Off, it has fewer stores, and the operating hours are often shorter. However, it's a place worth visiting as it offers many manga at affordable prices.


Rashimban is a specialty store for anime goods. While it also sells new items, it primarily focuses on second-hand sales. It gathers a wide range of otaku goods, from figures to posters and keychains. They also engage in buying used items.

Melon Books

Melon Books is a specialty store for doujinshi (self-published works). They sell various doujinshi, both new and used. Since doujinshi often has low print runs, you might discover unexpected treasures when browsing. There are many stores in central areas.


Suruga-ya is a specialty store that handles a broad range of otaku-related goods, including anime, merchandise, games, and manga. It's known for its online shop, making it convenient for those who want to make bulk purchases of manga. However, delivery times can sometimes be an issue.


Gamers is highly recommended for readers of MoeLab! It sells manga and goods related to moe anime and light novels. The content featured on MoeLab! is often available at Gamers. If you're a fan of moe content, be sure to check it out!


Another recommended store alongside Gamers, Toranoana offers a wide range of moe goods, from doujinshi to merchandise. They cater to various needs for moe enthusiasts.

When in Japan, visit anime and manga shops

If you ever find yourself in Japan, make sure to visit shops like these. Areas like Akihabara in Tokyo and Nipponbashi in Osaka are particularly famous for hosting numerous such stores.

Additionally, there are plenty of unique subculture shops such as maid cafes and concept cafes. Use them as motivation for your Japanese language studies!


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