Unlocking Japanese: A Beginner's Guide to MoeLab!'s Elementary Level


"Unlocking Japanese with MoeLab!'s Elementary Level: A Guide for Beginners

What is MoeLab!'s Elementary Level?

The Elementary Level in MoeLab! primarily targets N5 and N4 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

While the Beginner level focused on basics like numbers, days of the week, and fundamental verbs, the Elementary Level takes a step further by introducing words commonly used in daily life.

The featured music includes tunes from everyday life and anime genres like Manga Time Kirara, offering a relaxing study experience.

How to Study at the Elementary Level

The basic study methods are similar to the Beginner level, but the Elementary level offers a greater variety of content.

To make the most of MoeLab! and enhance your learning experience, consider the following:

Enjoy Learning

  • Learning a language can be challenging, so prioritize making it an enjoyable experience.
  • Instead of focusing solely on memorizing words, listen to music for the pleasure of finding your favorite tunes.

Use Playlists to Increase Listening Time

  • Elementary introduces a vast array of songs compared to Beginner. Create your own MoeLab! playlist.
  • While MoeLab! provides playlists, crafting a personalized list with your preferred genres lets you study at your own pace. Listen during free moments like commuting or taking a stroll.

Check Word Lists for Meaning:

  • When you have time, consult word lists to confirm meanings. Elementary level involves many words, so prioritize based on your interests.
  • Confirm word meanings during available time, then proceed to listen to music. Studying broadly and lightly ensures an enjoyable and efficient mastery of the Elementary level.

Prioritize Learning Verbs and Adjectives

  • Even at the Elementary level, crucial words at N3 and N2 levels are included. These are selected for daily usage and better understanding of lyrics.
  • Focus on verbs and adjectives, as N4 level has more of these than nouns. Concentrating on these categories makes your study more efficient.

Learn a Few Kanji Words

  • Kanji words and idioms can be challenging. Although some at N3 and N2 levels are included, many are at an advanced level.
  • While you don't need to memorize them immediately, glancing at their meanings provides a foundation for future understanding.

Challenge Yourself with Elementary Level Studies

Mastering N5 and N4 at the Elementary level equips you with numerous words commonly used in daily life.

This achievement significantly enhances your ability to navigate Japanese in everyday situations. Though the journey may seem challenging, immerse yourself in enjoyable music and continue your studies with determination.

Click the link below to begin your Elementary level studies!


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