"The First Step in Learning Japanese: Practical Study Guide for N5 Level Beginners"


Japanese is one of the challenging languages to master.

Its linguistic structure significantly differs from European languages like English, and it uses a distinct set of characters. Additionally, the use of three writing systems is a unique feature of Japanese.

However, Japanese language learning is well-structured, and there are abundant learning materials available. This article introduces how to make the most of this site for those who have just started studying Japanese.

Before Using MoeLab! for Vocabulary Study

MoeLab! is not a Japanese learning site but rather a support site for Japanese vocabulary learning.

Therefore, using MoeLab! without knowing basic grammar might be a bit challenging. While it's recommended for finding your favorite songs, if you are new to Japanese, it's advisable to study some basics before using MoeLab!.

Things to Study Before Using MoeLab!

  • Hiragana and Katakana: Learn the two Japanese syllabaries used in daily life.
  • Basic Kanji: In addition to hiragana and katakana, Japanese uses kanji characters. Learning around 50 basic kanji will enhance your MoeLab! study experience.
  • Conjugation of Verbs and Adjectives: In Japanese, verbs and adjectives undergo conjugation. While it might seem complex initially, most of them follow rules, and with repeated practice, you'll get used to it.

Hiragana and Katakana

Hiragana and katakana are two of Japan's writing systems. Hiragana, such as "あ, い, う, え, お," is commonly used in daily life. Katakana, like "ア, イ, ウ, エ, オ," has the same pronunciation as hiragana but is used for foreign words.

Japanese employs these two scripts depending on the words.

Basic Kanji

Alongside hiragana and katakana, Japanese utilizes kanji characters. Originating from Chinese, kanji has a wide variety, making it challenging to memorize.

However, learning about 50 basic kanji will significantly enhance your MoeLab! learning experience.

Conjugation of Verbs and Adjectives

Japanese verbs and adjectives undergo conjugation. While this might seem complicated initially, there are rules for most changes, and with practice, you'll quickly adapt.

MoeLab! introduces lyrics with conjugations, and it's recommended to understand verb and adjective conjugation before using the platform.

How to Use MoeLab!

MoeLab!'s Beginner program covers about 80% of the N5 level, using various songs suitable for beginners. Here are some recommended methods:

Repeatedly Listen to Music

The most crucial aspect of language learning is to study without accumulating stress but rather enjoyably.

Forget about word study initially and enjoy the music. MoeLab! introduces lyrics and pronunciation, so singing along can be beneficial. Listening repeatedly to the unique rhythm and pronunciation of Japanese through music helps in internalizing them.

Listen to Music in Slow Motion

Some songs introduced by MoeLab! have a fast pace, making them challenging to comprehend.

Even for native Japanese speakers, understanding lyrics can be difficult. Since all the music featured on MoeLab! is available on YouTube, listening at a slower speed while checking the lyrics allows for a better grasp of words.

Listen to Music While Viewing Word Lists and Translations

MoeLab! provides word lists and English translations simultaneously. Confirm the meaning through English translation, check the word list, and then read the lyrics in Japanese.

Understanding the meaning before listening helps in memorization.

Try Singing Along

MoeLab! introduces Japanese lyrics and pronunciation. Instead of aiming for perfection, sing along with the enjoyable parts. This way, you can memorize words and phrases while having fun. It's recommended to separate memorizing the words themselves from understanding their meanings and study the one you prefer first.

Further Japanese Study with MoeLab!

MoeLab! introduces many related words to the lyrics. If you are at the N5 level, it introduces N5-level related words with the lyrics.

While learning many words is necessary, words related to lyrics are often easier to remember. MoeLab! introduces necessary related words considering the Japanese level, making it possible to study only the essential words, even for beginners.

Features of the Beginner Level

MoeLab!'s Beginner level introduces approximately 80% of the N5 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) words. By learning all the words introduced in MoeLab!'s Beginner content, you can almost completely memorize N5-level Japanese words.

Beginner-level words mainly cover numbers, people, and daily life aspects. Though challenging at first, they are all essential words commonly used in songs. Mastering these words through MoeLab! songs is recommended.

MoeLab! hopes to make Japanese learning enjoyable through cute and anime content. Also, we hope that moe content becomes even more popular in Japanese anime and manga.

Your adventure into learning Japanese begins here. Beyond the Beginner level, more enjoyable songs and studies await! Good luck!

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